Made to measure fitted wardrobes

A well-designed fitted bedroom can revolutionise your space, making it tidy, clutter-free and altogether more relaxing. Almari Design Ltd fitted wardrobes truly enhance the look and feel of any room. Maximizing your space with efficient and clever features. We make everything entirely to fit your exact requirements. Made to order just as you want them to the highest of quality.

We offer a fully bespoke service, allowing you and our designer to “mix and match” all our styles which gives many of bedroom design variations. We will come out to measure your rooms then our team will create 3d plan for your rooms using design programme. You then will be invited to our showroom where you and our designer will go through the 3d plans, discusses all possibility, show you all the latest wood colour and products to choose from, once you happy with design and materials we then send you a written quotation.

Made to measure fitted bedroom wardrobes enable you to make the most of every inch in a room. Our range of fitted bedroom wardrobes includes sliding door wardrobes and hinged door wardrobes. You can choose either style for your home and customise their design, style and finish to suit your needs.

Benefit of having made to measure fitted wardrobe is that you can have wider choice of wardrobe interiors where you can choose and pick from a variety of custom shelves, drawers of varying depths, sturdy hanging rails, special compartments drawers. all our doors come with soft-close doors as a standard feature. Option to have LED spot lights and strip light to make your wardrobe stand out like full of glamor.

Sliding door wardrobes ideal for smaller areas and rooms as the sliding door design takes up minimal floor space. In fact, sliding door wardrobes can impart a large and airy ambiance to even a small room if customised appropriately like painting the doors in light and reflective colours or even better, having them mirrored.

Why get fitted wardrobes

Let’s start with biggest advantage is efficient use of space. Every house, every room is different to each other. Therefore, is made to measure bedroom wardrobe are customised to suit every room. For instance, where the ceiling rises higher than usual, we bump up the wardrobe’s height. Where the slope is uneven, we shape the wardrobe’s roof accordingly. Where there’s a protrusion from the wall, we customise and build the wardrobe around it.